December 21, 2014

Anders Petersen Creative Photography- 31 Jan to 4 Feb 2012 – (COMPLETED)

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Be part of the first Master Photography Workshop with Anders Petersen offered by NewSchool.AthensPhotography.  Join fellow participants from Sweden and Norway for an intense double seminar that will sharpen your creative eye and final prints.

Applications are accepted until January 20th 2012. For more information and tuition fees please contact us via email on


Please note that the workshop is taught in English.

A scholarship is available and will be awarded on merit by faculty members Panos Kokkinias, Yannis Kontos as well as Anders Petersen, gallerist Rebecca Camhi and photoeditor Nikandre Koukoulioti.

When does it take place?

30 January 2012 – 11 February 2012, 10.15 – 16:30 every day.

What will be covered?


The workshop is  about the visual language and participants will delve deeply into creative photography together with Anders Petersen.

After several days packed with photography assignments and lots of photo critique, the participants may choose their favorite photos that they will digitally enhance during the Fine Printing Workshop with Eva-Terez Gölin.

The workshop focuses on you, your pictures, your project and your way of taking photographs. Together with Anders Petersen you will get the opportunity to push your own creative and subjective photography to the limit. Starting with your own photos and working on individual assignments during the week you will make your own imagery even stronger. Inspiration, photo assignments, photocritique and photoselecting are constant throughout the week.

Anders will be showing and talking about photos in connection with photographic history and other photographers. All participants will show their portfolios to the whole class and at the end of the day receive an assignment to be completed the same day and presented the next morning. At the end of the workshop each participant may continue to work with Eva-Terez Gölin during the Fine Printing workshop.

”It is the idea of getting closer that all photography is about. To deepen the motivation that is already there within the participants. How to get closer to ones self and other people. To work for a more interesting visual result. I look at the individual and many of the assignments will be individual” says Anders about his first week of the workshop.

-  This is not a technical workshop – we discuss photos.

-  The assignments will be presented digitally since there will be no time to process and print the photos.

Closing Exhibition

The workshop closes with an exhibition and private view of each participant’s best final images on February 4th 2012 at 19:00hrs in Kerameikou 53, Athens.  Personal invitations will be extended to members of the NewSchool.AthensPhotography community.

Who will teach?

The workshop is taught by Anders Petersen

About Anders Petersen

Anders Petersen is one of Sweden’s most respected photographers both at home and abroad. His work is deeply rooted in a documentary tradition and he is known for his conscious approach and high contrast black-and-white imagery.

”Photography is not about photography, really. It is very much about the human behind the camera. It is about temperament and the personality that has been formulated, no matter what you have photographed. And that is a starting point, a platform that I think I have always emanated from. That photography is as little about photography as music is about music or a book is about literature. I believe that professional skills and professionalism can be a real Achilles heel. It can take the edge out of many fantastic photographers because it becomes so incredibly perfect. And life is not perfect,” says Anders.

During his long photocareer Anders has published over 30 photobooks, has been professor at Högskolan för Fotografi och Film (school of photography) at the University of Göteborg (Gothenburg, Sweden) and has won several awards for his work including ”The Arles Contemporary Book Award for 2009″ in Arles, France for his book ”From Back Home” which he made together with JH Engström.

Read more about Anders here:

Who can attend?

Participants could be at all levels from Beginner to Professional level. You will need at least a working knowledge of your digital SLR camera, and preferably be able to work in manual mode.

What does it cost?

The cost of the workshop is 1250 euro. The fee includes the workshop fee, free coffee,accomodation at the nearby King Jason Hotel and breakfast and coffee through the day.

Please note that you have to make your individual flight arrangements,  an indicative price for Malev Airliens via Bucharest is 250euro

What should I bring?

All participants should bring

  • their portfolio on a USB stick or if they don’t mind carrying prints  they should be 18X24cm
  • a digital SLR camera
  • an empty USB-stick and if possible a portable computer with Photoshop installed.

Special Notes

For the daily photo assignments you will need a DIGITAL camera. The assignments are to be presented digitally, since there will not be time to process and print your photos.

Accomodation for those who are coming from abroad will be provided at the King Jason Hotel which is situated 50m away from NewSchool.Athens.

Lunch and dinner is around10-15 euros / meal. There are plenty of restaurants in the vicinity of both the hotel and school facility.

Transport to and from the airport: Taxi approx 40 euros. There are also metro and other public transport that stop close to the hotel; cost approx 10 euros/ticket.

Examples of other costs in Athens:

- a bus ticket costs 1.20 euro

- a 30-min taxi ride costs 25 euro

Visitors’ Guide

For more info, check our

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