January 31, 2015


Course Overview

The NewSchool.Athens Photography Bootcamp explores 7 essential areas:

1. The Camera

Learning Goals:

use of aperture, focal length, available light and shutter speed

how you as photographer can go beyond the limits of the camera as machine

2. Lighting

Learning Goals:

get a strong grounding in light theory

be able to manipulate messages and images using light, screens, flash, and diffusers in the studio

3. Digital Darkroom

Learning Goals:

become adept at colour correction, RAW file optimization, b/w printing, use of layers, and retouching

know how to set up a digital darkroom, calibrate equipment, and handle colour management, image archiving, metadata and printing

Our software is the latest version industry-standard Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

4. Imaging

Learning Goals:

how to convey messages and mood using shape, light and colour

how to find inspiration from your surroundings – events, visual details, music

5. Idea Development

Learning Goals:

develop a visual voice and personal style

In this course section you get to explore ideas for your digital photography and imaging in hands-on workshops. The lecturers are professional photographers from the fields of art, advertising, media, fashion and portrait photography. You will be encouraged to take inspiration from these diverse fields to get ideas for your own projects.

Each lecturer will visit the course twice. He or she will give assignments at the first lesson, with finished work to be shown at the second.

6. Portfolio Development

Learning Goals:

build a quality portfolio demonstrating your personal style and strengths as a photographer

how to develop and diversify your photography portfolio

Work outside of the classroom is essential to this section. If you intend to put together a representative and comprehensive portfolio, it is important to use your skills regularly. The instructor will help you to choose a composition that best defines you as a photographer, and your entire portfolio will be shown at the end of the course.

7. Photography as a Profession

Learning Goals:

become familiar with the laws and rules every practicing photographer must know

be able to deal with clients professionally, and know your rights and responsibilities

get to grips with the signing of contracts and issues around setting rates


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