January 27, 2015

Introduction to Photography

Introduction to Photography is designed for those who want to learn or improve their photography.  You get a solid foundation both in technology and picture thinking, but above all we want, with the help of our talented and committed teachers, to inspire you to move on in your photography.  Introduction to Photography is ideal for those seeking knowledge that will work, but do not feel a strong need to get buried in details.



Objective of the course

You get theoretical knowledge and a practical knowledge on photography.  You learn how to incorporate this knowledge into your picture taking. You will understand the basics of shot composition, visual storytelling and how the images are communicating. You get tools to start developing your own photographic style based on your personality.

Course content

The course focuses on technology and on image in alternative sessions. There will be four sessions lasting 3-4 hours each

  • Shutter speed, aperture and ISO – photography’s technological base
  • Composition. How to affect the viewer’s emotions and thoughts through image-building.
  • Focus and depth of field. You’ll learn clever techniques to get the focus where you want it.
  • Image story, how to get the pictures to communicate.
  • Light and exposure.
  • You and your style. Not everyone can shoot the same way. Your personal style is in the center
  • Image Critique. How to give constructive criticism to yourself and others.


The course is taught by a number of different professors belonging to the staff of NewSchool.AthensPhotography




The course is offered in three different options

Session 1 –

One weekend, Friday 19:00hrs – 22:00hrs,  Saturday 10:00 – 15:00 hrs, Sunday 10:00-15:00 hrs

30-31 March, 1 April 2012

Session 2 –

Monday, Tuesday, April 2-3 -9-10, 18.30-22:00 and Tuesday 18:30 – 22:00

The course will be offered again in May

Next courses

Fine Art Photography, Portfolio review

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