January 29, 2015

RAW Digital Workflow


There is no prior knowledge required

Course objective

Understanding of digital workflow and basic photo editing in the digital “darkroom”.

Course Content

Lesson 1
Introduction, presentation of software options, what are RAW files and why they are preferred for photography editing, What is digital processing ,  Filing / Metadata
Lesson 2
Non destructive editing vs destructive, selecting the right software according to our needs, introduction to software archives, preview and selection of good shots, basic adjustments (brightness, contrast), versioning
Lesson 3
Frame analysis / aesthetics, using editing tools and horizon crop, full photo processing from the brightness to color, retouching and filters
Lesson 4
(Summary of key previous points)
After the processing, when and why go to Photoshop, what is creative editing, viewing of our work, online and offline viewing, copyright


Nickos Myrtou is a video editor. He works at the University of Athens as Special Laboratory and Teaching Personnel. He teaches television production, radio production and video editing. He is an Apple Certified Trainer and photography buff. In 2008 he was in charge of promoting RAW editing softwares in the greek market and he given more than 500 hours of lectures and training on digital photography.


April 20-21-22
Friday 19:00-22:00
Saturday 11:00- 14:00
Start date – March 30


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