January 31, 2015

Wedding Cimenatography Bootcamp

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Introduction to wedding cinematography is designed for the professional photographers and videographers who would like to move their line of work to a higher level. Give your wedding videos a cinematic effect and convince your client to pay for it.


Knowledge of at least basic photography and videography. People who are interested in this seminar should know how to handle DSLRs and video cameras frame-aperture and shutter speed wise.

Objective of the course

Learn how to take advantage of those extra little buttons of your camera. Learn the different kinds of shots and how to use them creatively. How shots collide in editing and how to prepare for the “Big Day”. The importance of story telling in motion pictures. Communicate with your clients, understand their needs and finally close the deal with your potential customers.

Course content

The course focuses on technology, aesthetics and sales.

  • Creative use of aperture, shutter speed and sensor sensitivity
  • Composition and different kind of shots
  • Different professional formats. Which one is best for your needs
  • What equipment you will need for the wedding day, pre shoot and day after.
  • Difficult lighting situations and how to deal with them. Advanced video lighting techniques in natural and artificial light
  • Holding the camera and moving around with it (handheld, tripod, monopod, rigs and Steadicam)
  • On camera special effects (slow motion, time lapse, slow shutter speed etc.)
  • Blocking, “z” axis and use of the horizon
  • White balance in different lighting situations
  • Script writing for story telling. How to ease up your editing process
  • Focus and depth of the field
  • Continuity on video and audio
  • Organize your time and equipment
  • Psycho-analysis of the client in the first five minutes of your acquaintance . Understanding their needs and fulfilling them. How to close the deal. After sales service.



Pavlos Symeon

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April, May, June

Every day for five consecutive days 10:00-13:00

Start Date 2-3-4-5-6 April 2012

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