January 31, 2015

Conceptual Wedding Photography

536726_10152253615705230_301584984_n A photographer having completed his/her studies,following wedding photography is the quickest way for an immediate entrance to the industry. However, no university or institute focuses on this part. On the contrary wedding it is faced with snobbery, scorn and indifference. Αs a result incoming photographers being unaware of it’s content and it’s potentials, are judging it negatively . However, at a some point are returning to it being unprepared and properly educated which means having to attend seminars and workshops to fill the gap.

Wedding photography can either be the most boring and tiring or the most creative,fascinating and artistic  kind in the industry. As Yervant, one of the best in the enterprise, mentions “…being a wedding photographer I have to be at the same time fashion,landscape,portrait and photojournalism photographer…”


Basic knowledge of photography & Photoshop


Objective of the course:

The purpose of the workshop is the understanding and appreciation not only of the weeding photography but the combination of all the above. Taking advantage of the available lighting sources, techniques with flash and artificial light. Learning to pose according to the subject or the group of subjects. learning to take advantage of the available space, lines, etc. Photoshop techniques and marketing tips.


Course Content:

  • Shooting in the Church
  • Facial analysis
  • Posing Basics
  • Corrective posing techniques
  • Kinds & techniques of lights & lighting
  • Photographing outdoors & practice the view in order to be able to shoot in any place
  • Photoshop techniques, the idea behind setting up a wedding album
  • Marketing tips


The workshop is divided into 3 days:

1st day:  Morning: Shooting demonstration only by the instructor , using as models the participants.

Afternoon: PowerPoint Presentation, focusing around the portrait in the wedding, the actual wedding, sharing secrets for successful imagery under difficult conditions.

2nd day: The attendants are photographing on there own, under the instructors’ supervision, making use of the techniques they’ve learnt the previous day.

The day will be divided into two parts: In the morning session  the participants split into groups of 2 or 3. Each team will have 45 minutes to each disposal to shoot anything they want.

In the afternoon session, each participant will get 10 minutes to pose and shoot the models. The row will be circular and the time will held strictly. The coal of the second part is to get the participants under pressure, and start thinking how to divide the time in order to get the best result, in such a sort time.  Having to deal with short terms, is something a wedding photographer has to deal very often and practicing on it is the best way in order to get the best result each time.

3rd day:  Each attendant chooses 2-3 photographs for critic, Photoshop techniques for retouching our brides portraits, designing a wedding album and marketing tips for more effective selling.



Petros Sofikitis



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