January 31, 2015




Basic experience in photography (amateur), essential camera that can operate manual mode,

other than auto (auto mode). We used only records RAW.

Objective of the course

Create a photojournalism story on tight deadlines. The brief will be discussed during the seminar.Explanation modern photo-reportage with references to contemporary photographers creating a portfolio on the applied photo-reportage photography (editorial photo-reportage).

Content of the course

Friday-Theory of contemporary photographers and assignments (as a professional editorial form) creating  a “feature story”. Detailed explanation of the modern photo-reportage, with emphasis on the image and the relationship of the photographer and the subject, taking on the techniques and theory of the approach (way of approaching the subjects).

Saturday: Students will be  photographing from 10.00 o’clock in the morning alone and retur to school for a two-hour (14:00 to 16:00) in which will be discussed the direction and course work of everyone’s individually.

Sunday: Students continue shooting from 10.00 onwards .Completion of work and return to school at 16: oo o’clock  for a period of 5 hours time for evaluation and final editing of the excersise. During the presentation every student has to  present 12 to 15 photos as a final selection of a comprehensive photographic history (beginning-middle-end).


Next Available Dates will be announced on 2012 Fall

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Dimitris Michalakis

Dimitris Michalakis was born in 1977 in Eleusina. He studied photography at the Focus School of Photography in Athens and has been a professional photographer since 2003.

Since 2004 he has been a regular contributor to Kappa magazine which is offered with the Sunday edition of Kathimerini daily newspaper. Since 2009 he contributes regularly to the Epsilon magazine which is offered with the Sunday edition of Eleytherotypia daily newspaper.

He has contributed to various Greek and international publications including Spiegel and Die Zeit

In 2009 he contributed 3 multimedia stories to the production of ‘The prism’
He has traveled on journalistic missions to more than 20 countries mainly in ex Soviet Block Countries.



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