February 1, 2015

Work for Athens Voice – How to create an editorial

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The “Athens-Voice – Creating an editorial” workshop is designed as a real-time photographic experience. Participants will be called upon to create original work on a series of themes that they will first hear about in the first day of the course. The themes will be assigned by the editors of the weekly free press newspaper Athens Voice. The results of the workshop will be published in the upcoming issue.

Participants will have one week to develop pictures on the theme, under the guidance of  an experienced photoeditor and the editor in chief of Athens Voice Aggeliki Birbili.



Basic command of photography is required. Manual digital camera (manual mode).


Course content

You will get a taste of what it takes to produce, choose and publish photographic material in a newspaper. You will meet with the editorial team of Athens Voice, learn who they approach photography and what is required by the market. You will learn what makes for publishable material and how to setup a newspaper.

Participants will receive the assignment by Athens Voice and will meet the editing team throughout the seminar.

On the first meeting, participants will present their portfolio and receive the themes that need to be developed. They will be briefed by the photoeditor and the journalists working on the project. Guidance will be given depending on the photographic ability of each participant.

Midweek, participants will meet up to discuss their progress.

On the second meeting the final photographic material will be chosen.



Christos Kapatos

Kosmas Koumianos



June 2013

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