December 18, 2014

Introduction to Photography / Weekends in Antiparos

The course “Introduction to Photography in Antiparos” is designed for those who want to learn or improve their photographic skills in beautiful Antiparos. You will get a solid grounding in both theory and technical camera skills, but above all what we aiming for is to inspire you to proceed with your photography, with the help of our talented and dedicated teachers. The island of Antiparos will offer unique pictures with beautiful scenery and a very quiet and beautiful environment to combine your holiday! Introduction to The Photography is ideal for those seeking practical knowledge but do not feel a strong need to go into much detail.




Objective of the course

You will get theoretical and practical knowledge about exposure, focus & ISO. The understanding of the basic elements of composition, visual narrative and how images communicate between them.

You will receive the tools to begin to develop your own photographic style based on your personality.


Content of the course

The course focuses on technique and theory.

  • Shutter speed, aperture and ISO – technical basis of photography composition.
  • How to influence the feelings and thoughts in the viewerby building the image
  • Focus and depth of field. You’ll learn clever techniques of where and how to focus.
  • Light and exposure time. You and your style. Each photograph is not in the same. Your personal style is in focus. Review of your images.
  • How to make and receive constructive criticism.




10:30. Introduction

11:00. Presentation of existing work of students, comments and discussion

12:00. Theory of photography, historical references, discussion about photography as a profession or as a hobby and differences

13:30. BREAK

14:30. Tech: Basic camera functions and how to be in “charge” of the equipment.

15:30. Students take photos based on previous discussion

16:00. Presentation of new work done by the students, comments and discussion

17:00  End


10:30. Tech: how to take advantage of light conditions. How to control light.

11:30  Students take photos learning how to utilize light in all conditions, free to take any image they choose.

12:30. All students take the same image

13:30. BREAK

14:30. Presentation of new work done by the students, comments and discussion

16:00. Discussion about photography as a profession part 2, application in the media, introduction to editorial and commercial photography, gallery and copyright issues.

16:30  Certifications

17:00  End

NOTE – if the level of the class is at a higher level, the professionals are in a position to adjust the course content to suit the interests of the participants.



The class is subject to registrations



220 euros per person, 2 people minimum


Accommodation and transport

We do not arrange accommodation and transport.  We have an extensive list of accommodation choices from low to high prices that suit all tastes.


Other Information


The workshop is held in English.

Facilities and equipment

The workshop will take place in the open around the town of Antiparos.  We may be using indoor facilities if necessary

What to bring

Participants can use any camera they have. It is preferable to have a digital camera DSLR or compact, that can be set to manual mode, so that you get to experiment with different settings. An empty USB-stick and if possible a portable computer with Photoshop installed would be useful but not necessary.


We shall help you organize accommodation at a hotel in the center or in “rooms to let” depending on your budget. Prices range from 40-100 per night.



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