January 26, 2015

Learn Photography & Capture your Holiday Memories / Spetses



NewSchool.Athens offers short courses in photography tailored to summer visitors in Greece. Courses last from 4 to 12 hours and are held in private or small groups. A course can be completed in 1 to 3 half days. The course is designed for those who want to learn or improve their photography. You get the chance to explore a new environment, with different light and interesting picture opportunities. You get to combine a good break with a fun activity. The course will give you a solid foundation both in technology and picture taking, but above all we want to inspire you to move on in your photography.




Objective of the course

You get theoretical knowledge and a practical knowledge on photography. You learn how to incorporate this knowledge into your picture taking. You will understand the basics of shot composition, visual storytelling and how the images are communicating. You get tools to start developing your own photographic style based on your personality.


Course content

The course focuses on technology and on image in alternative sessions. There will be four sessions lasting 3-4 hours each

  • Shutter speed, aperture and ISO – photography’s technological base
  • Composition: how to affect the viewer’s emotions and thoughts through image-building
  • Focus and depth of field: you’ll learn clever techniques to get the focus where you want it
  • Light and exposure
  • You and your style: not everyone can shoot the same way. Your personal style is in the center
  • Image Critique: how to give constructive criticism to yourself and others



The course is taught by a number of NewSchool.Athens students and staff. They are predominantly from Crete and therefore can guide you around the best spots to take breathtaking images.



NewSchool.Athens has preferred rates with the Poseidonion Grand Hotel.  The Hotel has been a landmark on the island, echoing the Côte d’Azur.  It was established in 1914 by Sotirios Anargyros. It was renovated over five years and re-opened in 2009.



Private Lessons

Available throughout the day.  You will spend at least 3 hours with one to one instruction

Group Lessons -

Four (4), Eight (8) and Twelve (8) hour sessions

Courses start at 10am or 3pm. Courses can be completed in one to three half days


Private lessons – 50 per hour, 3 hours minimum

Group Lesson 4 hours – 12o euros per person, 2 people minimum

Group Lesson 8 hours – 220 euros per person, 2 people minimum

Group Lesson 12 hours – 300 euros per person, 2 people minimum


Other Information


The workshop is held in English.


Courses start in June and will run through early October

Facilities and equipment

The workshop will take place at the hotel premises in a fully equipped classroom.

What to bring

Participants can use any camera they have. It is preferable to have a digital camera DSLR or compact, that can be set to manual, so that you get to experiment with different settings.  An empty USB-stick and if possible a portable computer with Photoshop installed would be useful but not necessary.


Booking Process

For a Group Lesson please indicate interest below and we shall contact you via email and telephone to complete your reservation and payment.  If you are the only interested party at the given time, you will be able to follow a Private Lesson. Please note that there is a 3 hour minimum for Private Lessons to ensure the educational integrity of the course.


Courses - Please choose the course that you are interested in below from the dropdown menu*

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If you have your work online, please post to us a link to your work for out teachers to assess your skill level (Flickr, Ofoto or any other photo sharing service you use). Otherwise type "Non Applicable

Your application in now complete! Please enter what you see in the text below for security purposes and we will get back to you.
If the mechanism below does not work, please email us the answers to the above question to contact@newschoolathens.org


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