December 19, 2014



Pictures taken and created by Yiorgis Yerolimbos Copyright 2012


NewSchool.Athens Courses For Creatives and Professionals

If you work in a creative industry like fashion, architecture or graphic design, or you make your living from photography, then you know how great it feels to see your concept through from start to finish. But you also know how frustrating it can be to achieve this.

NewSchool.Athens aims to help creatives, amateurs and professional photographers  gain those extra photography skills that make working with digital cameras and software easier, quicker, and more satisfying. We offer advanced photography short courses and workshops that are tailored to the particular skills and techniques you require for your work.

Our digital photography workshops and classes give you the chance to learn from practicing professionals in the fields of fashion photography, photojournalism, architectural and commercial photography, as well as theory and fine art photography. So whether your photos form a fashion spread, a design pitch, or are destined for a gallery wall, you will be able to complete your project with more confidence after working with NewSchool.Athens instructors.


5  Principles For a Fresh Learning Experience

Creativity is about solving problems. It thrives on public discourse and a range of individual experiences. Our 5 educational principles reflect these beliefs:

  1. International – students and teachers from different parts of the world get to share ideas in physical premises in Greece and online
  2. Leadership – acclaimed professionals who are making an impact in their fields fuel your NewSchool.Athens education
  3. Practical– industry-relevant experience will give NewSchool.Athens students an edge in their photography portfolio development and career development
  4. Merit – course entry is based on merit to give all students the best-quality education
  5. Dedication to quality – NewSchool.Athens uses the latest available learning technology and an ISO quality control process
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