December 21, 2014


Workshops cover specific topics of interest in the course of 12- 48 hours of teaching. They usually start at 10am to 4pm and are taught by renowned photographers from across the world.

These workshops are ideal for professionals or amateurs who are looking to extend their photography skills and diversify their portfolios.

Photo by Anders Petersen

Athens and Greece at large offer a special blend of East and West, of Christian and Muslim, of colors and light, that is not found anywhere else in the world.  Here you’ll find pieces of ancient civilization surrounded by the modern, Olympic facilities by the glistening sea, and the industrial zone and National Park on the mountain of Parnitha.  The recent financial crisis has brought attention to issues that have been lingering for years all around Europe.  The visible effects on our social and physical fabric make Athens a unique subject for those who want to take their photography beyond the ordinary.

  • Master Workshops

    Introduction to Photography

    Introduction to Photography is designed for those who want to learn or improve their photography. You get a solid foundation both in technology and picture thinking, but above all we want, with the … [Read More...]

    Conceptual Wedding Photography

    IMG_2316 copy copy

    A photographer having completed his/her studies,following wedding photography is the quickest way for an immediate entrance to the industry. However, no university or institute focuses on this part. … [Read More...]



    Prerequisites Basic experience in photography (amateur), essential camera that can operate manual mode, other than auto (auto mode). We used only records RAW. Objective of the course Create a … [Read More...]

    Fine Art Photography

    Prerequisites Some experience and a strong interest in fine art photography   Objective of the course The course's objective is to help participants develop their own photographic voice. … [Read More...]

    Work for Athens Voice – How to create an editorial

    athens voice logo

    The “Athens-Voice – Creating an editorial” workshop is designed as a real-time photographic experience. Participants will be called upon to create original work on a series of themes that they … [Read More...]

    Architectural Photography

    Prerequisites There should be a small amount of work that identifies perception of every individual and knowledge of using the digital format camera.   Objective of the course The … [Read More...]

    Daylight Fashion Shooting on Location with Yiorgos Malekakis

    Prerequisites Knowledge on camera basics and Adobe Photoshop, manipulating RAW files.   Objective of the course Participants will learn in "real time" what it means to put together a … [Read More...]

    Intellectual Propery Rights – the Basics

    This seminar is intended for everyone who has ever produced work that is covered by Intellectual Property Law. Prerequisites None, the seminar is open to all.   Objective of the … [Read More...]

    Fashion Photography Editorial – Studio

    anais 0343

    Prerequisites Knowledge of camera basics and Adobe Photoshop, manipulating RAW files.   Objective of the course The participants will learn how to create suitable images for a fashion … [Read More...]

    Kids and Family Portraiture – A practical workshop


    “Bring your Children nearer to the camera” Many children, despite their parents encouragement, do avoid taking photos. In this weekend workshop parents and children will work together in an … [Read More...]


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