January 27, 2015


NewSchool.Athens has been founded as a conduit for international cooperation in photography education for the South East Mediterranean region. The current economic environment calls for the creation of peer-to-peer links that are separate to formal government procedures that have failed to create a modern educational system in the region. An educational system is intertwined with a local and global society that is changing in a rapid pace is required to help people keep abreast of the latest developments in their chosen professions. A cross border grass root movement between professionals such as the one that NewSchool.Athens is supporting will create the necessary links between what are now separate professional and artistic networks.


Anthon B Nilsen Group

ABN Education is our primary partner, helping NewSchool.Athens provide students with up-to-date technology and other professional learning resources. The company is one of Scandinavia’s largest providers of private education, mostly in the fields of art and communication.

ABN Education is part of the Anthon B Nilsen Group, which was established in 1879 and continues to apply the founder’s community values. The Group is based in Scandinavia and its activities include private education provision, property development, and recovered paper trade.


Bilder Nordic School of Photography

Bilder Nordic provides us with teaching know-how and experienced faculty on a visiting-professor basis. Bilder is a well-known creative photography school based in Oslo and Stockholm. Its success is based on a new way of teaching photography as an essential means of communication.


Berghs School of Communication

Berghs is Sweden’s leading communications school. Its course structure keeps students actively learning and has inspired the model at NewSchool.Athens.

Berghs offers a range of programme levels, from beginner to professional, in advertising, design, PR, computer game development, photography and interactive communications.

The school has been given the Future Lions School award for two years running at the Cannes Lions Awards for Creativity.

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