February 1, 2015


Photography by Yiorgis Yerolymbos

The course of “PHOTOGRAPHY” is an intensive digital photography program that is aimed at anyone who wants to build a strong technical and theoretical foundation in visual communication.  This program is aimed at both amateurs and professionals photographers.

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What do you get?

This Intensive Digital Photography Course shows you smarter ways to apply the basic principles of photography, develop new practical skills that can be used in a studio and outdoors and helps you to create a personal style that will make your portfolio stand out.

Two Scandinavian well known digital photography schools,the Bilder Nordic School of Photography and the Berghs School of Communication, have guided us in designing our programs to fit the latest academic trends worldwide. Known for their successful approach to teaching photography have provided their expertise in the design in these courses.


Who is it for?

Passionate amateur photographers looking to learn professional techniques or / and improve their portfolios. People of any age who want to become professional photographers and need an intensive, hands-on course to boost their photography portfolio.

Apllication Process

NewSchool.Athens accepts students of all ages. Student selection process is based on filling out an Application Form, an interview with the teaching committee, CV and a portfolio if one exists.


Fees and Membership

NewSchool.Athens is a non profit organization.  It relies on its members to support its operations, as well as on donations from third parties, foundations and other donors. NewSchool.Athens has put in place the NewSchool.Athens Scholarship Fund.  The Fund disburses scholarships to applicants who have a demonstrable inclination in the subject matter of interest and a demonstrable financial need.  Scholarships are based on demonstrating a financial needs.


Who teaches?

The instructors are acclaimed professional photographers, art theorists and academics working in commercial photography, artistic photography, architecture photography and photojournalism.

Christos Filippousis

Penelope Petsini

Paul Simeon

Nikos Vasilakis


Detailed Schedule of Classes

I. CAMERA TECHNIQUES (32-40 hours)

Technique of photography:

  • Processing of digital cameras
  • Using various types of lenses

II. LIGHT AND LIGHTING (32-40 hours)

Technique of light:

  • Processing of light (natural, manifolds, interior, etc.)
  • Synthesis principles of the photographic image


Digital processing:

  • Photoshop
  • Creating / improving photo quality
  • Digital photo printing


Historical information-theory of art:

  • History, theory and aesthetics of visual photography
  • Familiarity with the concepts of style as well as mechanisms of visual communication
  • Acquaintance with the work of great photographers
  • Development portfolio photo



Please fill in the application below to participate in the seminar.

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If you have your work online, please post to us a link to your work (Flickr, Ofoto or any other photo sharing service you use). Otherwise type "Non Applicable

Please help us understand your photographic needs by answering a few questions:
• Why are you interested in the course that you applied for? What do you want to do photography wise after you finish the course?
• How much experience do you have in photography?

Your application in now complete! Please enter what you see in the text below for security purposes and we will get back to you.
If the mechanism below does not work, please email us the answers to the above question to contact@newschoolathens.org



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