January 28, 2015


Guerrilla Seminars are short photography courses (around 12 hours) that take place in various locations around Athens and Greece.  A guerrilla-weekend student will learn digital photography techniques in specific areas, in a quick, practical, “touch-and-go” format.

1-Prespes-Panos Kokkinias

The workshops form a loose learning unit, so a student who attends all the weekends on offer will get a structured photographic education.  However, you are free to take as few or as many workshops as you like. The guerrilla format suits the freelance work schedule of the professional photographerswho teach the courses, as well as the students who do not have time to attend Master Workshops or the Photography Bootcamp.


Each weekend photography workshop gives you practical training in a specific area, such as fashion photography, photojournalism, architectural photography, storytelling, advanced camera techniques, outdoor and studio lighting, digital darkroom, idea development, online marketing, and outdoor photography.

Guerrilla Weekends are open to all levels of photographers.  See General Info for prerequisites, applications, and what to bring.





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