January 25, 2015

Fashion+retouch – Outdoor Fashion Shoot



Experienced photographers only,knowledge on camera basics and photoshop, manipulating RAW files

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Course content

Day 1: Meeting in NewsChool.AthensPhotography, theory and analysis of the project that will be taking place on Saturday

Day 2: Fashion photography with model, make-up etc in studio and on location in and around Athens. Tuition of established and experienced fashion photographer.

Day 3:Digital fashion retouching with established and experienced retoucher.

How to select photos in dialogue with the photographer/ArtDirector/client. How should the finished photo look? (this could/should start already in week1). What can the retoucher do? What shouldn’t the retoucher do? Different kinds of fashion retouching. Techniques working with the RAW-converter and Photoshop to reach the desired result.




Next Available Dates will be announced on 2012 Fall

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Fine Art, Architectural photography, Wedding Conceptual Photography, Photojournalism


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